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Why Seeds?

Seed sovereignty is food sovereignty. Large corporations aim to control, modify, and patent what is a right for all life, seed saving is a peaceful weapon of necessity. 

Seeds offer a profound link between the past, present, and future. Just as we all have unique lineages between our great-grandparents to our children, seeds offer stories about the people who grew them, the soil they grew in, and the people who savored their fruits. 

Get some Folks Farm Seeds in your garden today!

Seeds are the foundation of agriculture.


The food we eat is a direct gift from our ancestors who spent generations before us selecting and adapting plants to nourish our bellies. As an honor to that work we have taken on the responsibility of improving cultivars and adapting them to our “bioregion”. These our the Folks crops.


In the past 100 year agriculture has seen dramatic changes. Where regional seed companies once dotted the landscape corporations have consolidated seed production which has led to four firms controlling over 60% of worldwide seed sales. 


We grow seed not only as a direct protest against the monopolizing of seed, but also to offer seed directly to our community. The access of “seed sovereignty” directly correlates with “food sovereignty” allowing everyone equal rights to healthy food. 

Other Regional Seed Developers

Masa Seed Foundation

Boulder, Colorado

Mutual Admiration Seed Association operated by Rich Pecoraro is a nonprofit aimed at producing regionally adapted seed and vegetable crops. Their work of over 30 years has led to many of the varieties we cultivate, offer in seed packs, and on our farmers market table. 

High Desert Seeds

High Deserts Seeds provides exceptionally drought tolerant and prolific varieties adapted to the Rocky Mountain West. We thoroughly enjoy growing their peppers! 

Seeds Trust

Specializing in short season and early varieties Seeds Trust is a valued partner. We work in tandem to produce seed stocks of their amazing varieties. 

Lineage Seeds

The artistry of seed. Lineage seeds beautifully crafts collections aimed at restoring seed as the highlight of any home. They work directly with local farmers from here to New Mexico in sourcing the highest quality seed.

Montrose, Colorado

Denver, Colorado

Ojo Caliente, New Mexico

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