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From Rabbitbrush to Food

Folks Farm and Seed was born on our Folk's property in North Fort Collins. We were struggling to come up with a business name but kept saying "Heading up to the Folks place". Eventually Folks Farm stuck and has remained a mantra over the past 4 years. 

We now grow on 2.5 acres in Southwest Fort Collins providing nutrient dense and organically grown food through our farm stand, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), a weekly farmers market, and local restaurants

We pride ourselves on being a fun and outgoing farm that provides the highest quality product. Our growing practices apply regenerative farming and seed saving to grow Fort Collins delicious food.

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Folks Farm and Seed is a small ecologically-minded farm located in Fort Collins, Colorado. We grow regionally adapted vegetables, flowers, and herb. We use regenerative agriculture practices including: seed saving and selection, composting, cover cropping, diverse plantings, and low-till farming. These techniques produce nutrient-dense superfood grown with beyond organic standards.

While providing our community with high caliber produce is a priority, Folks Farm & Seed is dedicated to bioregional adaption and seed-saving. Through annual and bi-annual selection, we are breeding garden crops to be drought resistant, produce stronger root systems, effectively mine nutrients, and be more resilient in Colorado’s changing climate. By partnering with several seed growers across the west, we work towards preserving adapted heirloom cultivars. 

Industrial seed and chemical companies have replaced most local seed producers and further patented crops to keep farmers from the personal sovereignty of gardening and seed saving. By utilizing bioregional seeds, we strengthen our independence and directly oppose the devastating effects of corporate agriculture. This isn’t supermarket produce, these are your Folk’s crops raised with love in our seed-to-seed model.


Alex, Owner


Alex’s love affair for veg started as a child growing a giant 300lb pumpkin here in Fort Collins, CO. Since then his passion and experience have expanded to encompass seed saving, biodynamics, and growing delicious produce. Alex is passionate about how food connects people and how choices made in agriculture reverberate out into our culture and future.


Rey, Creative HQ


Wearer of many different hats, you'll find her in the field, at the farmers market, and working behind the screen. Rey's collaborations with the farm inspire her own work in ecosomatic movement studies, ephemeral art, and upcycled goods. 


"Folks farm has been one of our main suppliers of produce for the past two years. The quality of
their produce is truly unrivaled in Fort Collins."

Brent Jackson

Owner, Little on Mountain

"Folks Farm is a standout local operation that not only makes you feel good eating their veggies (because they taste amazing!) but also makes you feel good because they genuinely care about the community.  The regional adaptation they put so much work into really yields delicious results.  It's just me eating, but even I can handle the volume of a CSA half share because their products last SO long once you bring'em home."

Mathew Dodson, CSA

"Stopped by the farm stand at Taft and Drake in the red barn. I just ate the best tomato of my life!!! I put it on the Pig and the Plow fresh organic amazing bread that I toasted with Mayo. Oh and their cantaloupe that’s to die for fresh juicy and yummy! I haven’t even gotten to the peaches yet…

I’m joining the CSA as we speak. The people were so fun to chat with too."


Farm Stand Shopper

"I got many seeds from them and the plants were incredible. Amaranth bigger than the house. Best cantaloupe I've ever tasted."



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