From Rabbitbrush to Food

We broke ground in March of 2019, turning the field out back the folks house from pasture to a robust vegetable garden.

Not without the many lessons in every endeavor, we can call our first season a success and are eager to improve, diversify, and continue to bring Larimer County food, flower, and seed.


Folks Farm and Seed is a small ecologically-minded farm. We focus on regionally adapted food, flower, and herb crops. Our regenerative approach to agriculture includes: seed saving and selection, composting, cover cropping, diverse plantings, and low-till farming. These techniques produce nutrient-dense food grown with beyond organic standards.

While providing the community with high caliber produce is a priority, Folks Farm & Seed is dedicated to bioregional adaption and seed-saving. Through annual and bi-annual selection, we are breeding crops to be drought resistant, produce stronger root systems, effectively mine nutrients, and be more resilient in Colorado’s changing climate. By partnering with several seed growers across the west, we work towards preserving adapted heirloom cultivars. 

Industrial seed and chemical companies have replaced most local seed producers and further patented crops to keep farmers from the personal sovereignty of gardening and seed saving. By utilizing bioregional seeds, we strengthen our independence and directly oppose the devastating effects of corporate agriculture. This isn’t supermarket produce, these are your Folk’s crops raised with love in our seed-to-seed model.

Meet the 2020 Crew

Alex Zeidner


Alex’s love affair for veg started as a child growing a giant 300lb pumpkin here in Fort Collins, CO. Since then his passion and experience have expanded to encompass seed saving, biodynamics, and growing delicious produce.

Mary Mouser

Creative Director, Volunteer Coordinator,


Wearer of many different hats, you'll find her in the field, at the farmers market, and working behind the screen.

Mary's collaborations with the farm inspire her own work in ecosomatic movement studies, ephemeral art, and recycled goods. 

Jacob Mouser

Farm Apprentice

Pulled this little tater toot from the deep swamps of Louisiana to add a chefs perspective to our growing farm. A big guy with a big heart who hopes to not only bring his strength but also his amateur knowledge of mycology and love of building soil to Folk’s Farm this summer. Volunteers this year can look forward to a tasty treat after a long harvest day and if you came to the farm dinner last year then you will be even more excited to help out and get your hands in the dirt with us this year.


801 Inverness Road

Fort Collins, CO 80524



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