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What the Folk, 01/31/22

Some weeks feel super productive and others leave you wondering what even happened. Last week felt like one of the “Did I even get out of bed?” weeks.

Since growing a surplus of squash we have been moving it through our wholesale partners. Somebody People, a delicious plant-based restaurant in Denver, has been loving the Red Kuri squash and Spaghetti Squash. They have personally eaten over 1500 pounds of spaghetti squash enjoying most of the crop. I cannot recommend this spot enough! If you find yourself on South Broadway stop in for great food served by the best people.

I have been spending one evening a week attending a farm business class hosted by CSU Extension. This 6 week course has been helping our farm put together a business plan and dive deeper into the financial side of agriculture. These skills must be learned and having the course structure provides space for understanding the fundamentals. Business in itself is complex and to be career farmers we need to have a solid understanding of business. If there are any growers looking to refine their business understanding I recommend Fearless Farm Finances. This book highlights the business side in a way dummies like me can understand.

The later part of the week has been focused on the greenhouse. We got the structure loaded onto a trailer and have been working through the weekend to put the plastic on before more snow falls. The reason we are putting so much energy into moving it is efficiency. Folks Farm will be moving off our original acre, consolidating down from 4 to 2 primary locations. Hopefully limiting our locations will bring a new level of productivity, cut costs, and earn a higher profit while taking on less acreage. I am betting by the end of this week we are sowing the first seeds of 2022!

My eyes are often bigger than Folks Farm’s capacity and every year I combat Spring Fever, over excitement and subsequent over planting. I had been telling myself to not take on extra acreage this year but I am wavering. Hearing whispers of food shortages, which may be my current algorithm in social media, reinforces the urge to grow storage crops.

It has been such a blessing to have winter squash to sell during the down time. An unbelievable amount of work to get it harvested at peak season last year, but true abundance now. My head knows the struggle, but my heart is saying grow! With this upcoming snow I plan to look at the numbers, see if it works.

For now, we will be steadily moving forward.

Intentions of the Week

Move slowly, steadily, and thoughtfully through the work

Make time to be present for relationships inside and out of work

Take care of the heart

Access abilities honestly and rationally

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