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What the Folk 2/9/22

The sun feels warmer. Daylight is growing, and soon we will be too. Our season has shifted from the Persephone Zone of winter, when daylight it too low to provide enough energy for photosynthesis to more than 10 hours of daylight, to the early stages of spring.

Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld and Goddess of Fertility in Greek mythology, led an interesting life. While harvesting flowers with her maidens she was abducted by her uncle Hades, King of the Underworld, and taken to be his bride. Upon hearing of the abduction of his daughter, Zeus sent Hermes to the underworld to return Persephone. Hermes was successful, but since Persephone had eaten in the underworld she could not leave completely. It was decided she would spend two-thirds of her time above ground and return for one-third below. Her rhythm of moving between worlds led to the creation of the seasons.

Farming and gardening constantly revolve around the cycles of life an death. Here in Colorado our soil, crops, and growers work so hard during the growing season as daylight peaks at 16 hours. It makes sense with all this intensity we would need a rest, maybe die a little, and come back to life. The depth of winter recharges our batteries, crystallizes our soil, and sets the stage for the rebirth of spring.

The newly arisen goddess of fertility has coaxed a flock of geese to call our South Farm home. Every day there are 50 of them foraging amongst the crops remaining in the field. The flock is a welcome sight. Their manure will help our soil I am happy to provide refuge for these migratory animals. We have not incorporated rotational grazing into our system so I am glad nature has filled the gap.

This week will bring about finalizing our new greenhouse in preparation for the first crops of 2022. Hopefully we will also start cleaning and organizing our South Farm. Big plans in motion for this property and with weather like the past few days working outside has never been more appealing.

Intentions of the Week

Schedule time for tasks

Conserve energy by remaining calm

Trust the process

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