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What the Folk, 2/21/22

The warm before the storm. Last night the chicken’s water was not frozen, but we aren’t done with winter yet. Fort Collins is expecting lows below zero for the next few days. That means batten the hatches, stock up on propane, and get ready to hunker down.

Our nursery was turned on a week ago and now has several thousand plants germinating within its clear walls. Onions, herbs, and even spinach have been planted trusting spring to be coming. I continually fight the urge to over-plant, trusting the plan and process, and keeping within our limits.

Do you remember that tunnel we had wrecked by hurricane force winds? We have been repairing it and I am pleased that 20% of the frame has been salvaged. The goal is to be growing early crops within 2 weeks.

Seeds have continued to ship as orders come in. For Folks wanting to shop in person our seeds are now available at Fort Collins Nursery, Lucky’s Fort Collins, Lucky’s Boulder, and soon the Flower Bin. Pretty awesome to see over 1,000 packets of locally grown seeds go out into the Front Range community!

I have been reflecting on the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model and am finding it incredible. Our CSA members act as our bank and crop insurance. CSA micro-loans help us tremendously as we gather supplies for the growing season, pay for early season labor, and invest in infrastructure. All while sharing the risks inherently a part of farming. It really makes me consider other businesses our community could support that localize the means of production and strengthen our bioregion’s resiliency and sovereignty.

I really appreciate those who have stepped out of the box to support a CSA. I think I can speak for some farmers when I say having the CSA backing helps us feel less stressed and that we are not alone. For that we are deeply appreciative. The CSA model represents how our choices have immediate effects. If we can take the time to creatively problem solve, imagine how we could change our world.

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